Financial consultations

Financial consultations

Loans for individuals:

· UKB finances new clients on condition that they direct their salary to UKB. It is necessary to submit a Confirmation for salary transfer (on the form from the bank).

.Standard housing loans – financing of a maximum of 80% / 85% of the market value. A loan of at least 10% of the value of the transaction under a preliminary contract is required for the borrowers to participate. It should be realized / proven before a decision in the following ways:

1. The amount is available on the client’s account in the Bank;

2. The amount is agreed and paid upon conclusion of a preliminary contract;

3. If payment of at least 10% is not agreed in the preliminary contract – a document for payment is submitted to the seller;

· Universal loans – the granting of universal mortgage loans is restored, but the limit for a maximum debt ratio of 50% with maintenance costs included is maintained.

· Foreign individuals and Bulgarian citizens with income from abroad – funding restrictions are maintained

· Lending of properties with a degree of completion of rough construction (not financed by UKB) will be carried out after additional analysis of the builder and consideration of the loan application at the level of credit risk.

Loans for legal entities:

Financing of new clients without the requirement to be current clients of the Bank for at least 1 year. and at least 50% of the NPP have passed as turnover on the accounts in UKB.


Clients (individuals or legal entities) with applied stabilization measures under Covid 19 and Moratorium are not subject to new financing.


Loan calculator
Loan calculator

DISCLAIMER This calculator and instructions have been prepared for informational purposes only. The information contained therein relates to the time at which it is provided and cannot replace the receipt of individual advice. Users should be aware that the data changes according to the specific information provided by the customer, affecting his legal, tax and financial status. UniCredit Bulbank and / or its directors, managers and employees do not bear any responsibility to the users of this calculator and / or to third parties for any losses and unreasonable expectations arising from its use.