About us

„Avifa“ Ltd is a company that deals with consultancy and intermediary activities in real estate, financial instruments, investments, export, import and trade activities.

We are a company that has several strands of action:

– Consultancy and mediation in the sale of real estate, financial instruments, investments.

– Import and distribution of advertising souvenirs on which the customer logo can be placed.
The same products can also be purchased for sale.

– Mediation in the export of essential oils and waters of rose, lavender, chamomile, rosehip, etc., as well as mediation in the import and export of extracts, herbs and vegetable oils.

– Import, export, mediation and distribution of products aimed at human health and beauty.
Create a product line with your own brand.

Our goal is to be as useful as possible to our customers. Our company continues to develop, building on its potential, the range of products and the number of partners we cooperate with.