Real estate consultations


Buying a home with a bank loan is a serious step in the life of each of us and binds us for a long time. During this period you will be paying fees, which at the end of the period could sum up to a large amount. But there are always questions about all the procedures for granting the loan, as well as fees that one can calculate – interest rates (fixed, floating, fixed only for a certain period), service fee (one-time fixed, one-time as a percentage of the loan, annual, monthly).
The preliminary contract, the deposit on it and the term for payment are also directly related to the receipt of the loan.
We at Avifa Ltd. will assist you with the necessary loan documentation required by the borrower and the seller of the property.
We also work online to provide the best possible service to our customers. You can send us an inquiry, after which you will receive a document to fill out. After a few days, you will receive a credit certificate in your email regarding the amount of credit you can receive, in accordance with your salary. This will help you make the right choice – the optimal solution for your needs and capabilities. Once you receive the certificate you can choose a real estate within your capabilities. When you choose the property, we will assist you with an expert assessment based on which the bank will grant the loan you want.

Above you can see our real estate offers.